How to spot your gremlin / Comment repérer son gremlin

(French follows) EN : Let’s be clear, I am not talking about the sweet Gizmo and his cute friends turning into naughty creatures after midnight, I am talking about this part of you that tries to prevent you from making a change in your life. Here is a little explanation! Sometimes our desires, dreams and … Continue reading How to spot your gremlin / Comment repérer son gremlin

Mood swings / Sautes d’humeur

  EN : I am aware I have been silent for some time. As a matter of fact, I have begun a new coaching training in May, added to the job I already have Monday to Friday. Therefore, evening classes, coaching sessions and other tasks with days already filled have been overwhelming and time was … Continue reading Mood swings / Sautes d’humeur


EN: Life can be challenging, and in every area. We face obstacles, choices, options, that sometimes pull us out of our comfort zone, causing panic. Oh sweet comfort zone, we love it, don’t we? It is the place where we feel good, and even if we do not like our current situation and want to … Continue reading Decision