Inner monologue / Monologue intérieur

EN: When we are talking to people, we tend to carefully choose our words in order to make them feel good, most of all when we have a critic or an objection to make, just because we do not want them to feel upset. It is natural, we do not want to hurt people (well, … Continue reading Inner monologue / Monologue intérieur

Para-what? Paradigm / Para-quoi? Paradigme

EN: Paradigm. A word I never heard about until 4 years ago, when I began to develop an interest in the concepts of the Law of Attraction, and discovered the great work of Bob Proctor who has been inspiring me ever since. Do you know what a paradigm is? Don’t lie! Let me give you … Continue reading Para-what? Paradigm / Para-quoi? Paradigme